Gedichte von Wolfgang Appell

The Coffee Party Ballad
Orphaned his chair,
and hushed his wit.
Rather thin his hair,
he’s getting on a bit.
Damned lucky spill,
us, you left in the lurch.
Now the coffee party will
be like the yard of the church.
Unique chain saw teacher,
gifted if-clauses preacher,
you decided to retire.
What a waste of educational fire.
Hear! Hear! In the cable
there’s a whisper of babel
about Talisker and Cardhu.
I have rhymed it for you.
Where’s the youth, where the maiden,
where are the things, both we adore?
Shall we get these gifts of Aidenn?
Quoth the pencil: ”Nevermore”!
Never mind! Nevertheless,
it remains the Whiskey in the glass.
Both we, long in the tooth,
let us drink and get the blues.

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